How To Build Successful Teams

Your team is imperative to your business’s success, and as leader it is your responsibility to ensure that your team works as well as it possibly can. Each employee acts as a crucial and unique element that makes your business work, and your business can only work effectively when all parts work together as a team.The Human Machine with students spread out into a circle ready to start

You therefore need to make sure that your team is motivated and inspired to work hard and grow with your company. You want them to perform to the best of their ability, to produce results and exceed expectation.
The infographic below highlights the key factors that you need to build a successful team. You need to know who you are as leader, understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses and how they work individually. You need to support them and let them know how they can improve. Tell them what they’re doing well, reward them for it and celebrate achievements.

Follow these steps to build a successful team, and ultimately empower your business’s success.

I’m Good At….

team members working togetherContinuing our look at going beyond ice breakers and supercharging your teams today we will look at a way to ensure that everyone understands the core competencies of other team members. The thinking here is that team members who are doing what they want to be doing, do it better and team members that know what others are good at share work better so, lets get at it.

How Different Are We All? – Ice Breaker Game

In an office environment, all doing similar jobs, a new candidate may walk into the room and see everyone as the same. But as we all know, time soon turns this concept on its head! After several days, it’s easy to distinguish everyone not just by name, but how they are in certain situations, how they speak and how they go about solving problems.

Innovative Introductions – Icebreaker Activity

ice cube image for icebreaker activities and gamesThe objectives of this icebreaker game is to add some fun and creativity to the process of team members introducing themselves and to make those introductions more memorable.

Nosey Parkers – Ice Breaker Game

team members that don't know each otherHow much do you really know about your colleagues? Nothing? A bit? Too much? Fact is, we all have more in common than we may ever realise despite spending nearly 40 hours a week sat right next to each other if only we spent some time asking questions and getting properly acquainted.

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