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A Review Of Leadership And Team Dynamics

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Hopefully by now you will have had a chance to try out some of the past 2 weeks Fun Time Friday games and enjoyed competing within your office.

Games will have been won and lost. Some of the team players will be being identified as real competitors and others not so.

This is an important time in your teams development. You may have noticed  that in episode one I made no mention of assigning a team captain. This was very deliberate. They should of by now allowed a team captain/leader come to the fore.

This captain may have earned their position through repeated high performance or through social standing already in the company, or they could have just assumed the position.

The team captain will also have placed a second behind her. A “right hand man”. This position is usually much more disputed than the captain. Other high performers will be thinking “why isn’t that me?” while players who have lost their games might me thinking “Who does she think she is?”

When Do You Need A Team Building Event?

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People achieve senior management positions for simple reasons.  But mostly it all boils down to the fact that they are trusted to make good decisions.

At the top of a company will either be a Chairperson or Share holders that place the responsibility for the running of the business into that the hands of an MD who in turn will delegate out to a management team of people he or she trusts.bbq

And so it continues down the chain of command to the lowliest of positions within the business.

A Bluffers Guide To Team Building Days

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So your company have invited you onto a team building day, what can you expect and how are you going to shine?Raft Building

First up be yourself, unless you’re going to spend the rest of your working life pretending, look and make the most of who you are. There are many types of team building days but in this article we are going to concentrate of the most traditional.

Lights, Camera, Action!

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Starting a sales meeting off with a fun creative activity is a great way to motivate your team and a client of ours did just that last week!

For this event our client was looking for a fun activity that was going to get the participants working in small units and expressing themselves through being creative in their work. There are lots of options that we could have offered the client to fit the brief but due to the group size we had to make sure the activity was going to be successful and above all rewarding for all the guests.

The Battlefield Was Set For The Hastings Quiz- CASE STUDY

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On the 29th January 2014 Fradley Croft hosted a quiz night in Hastings. The event consisted of five rounds of questions with Xbox Olympics in between each round. The first two rounds of questions were created by the client, which involved questions regarding the firm. This allowed their employees to discover more about the company they work for and enlightened them about any new facts and stats!

The Modern Day Treasure Hunt Inspired Through Technology

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Treasure hunts have always been a firm favourite with corporate teams looking for something fun to do in the outdoors for team building and in these modern times technology has helped to keep this event fresh and enjoyable for all.Treasure Hunt Game Show

Treasure hunts for corporate days were spurred on in the early 1980’s by the hit TV game show Treasure Hunt where Anneka Rice entertained the nation as the ‘skyrunner’  in a series of race against the clock treasure hunts throughout the UK. The format for the show was for two contestants who had an information and map resource to communicate with ‘the skyrunner (Anneka) over radio from the studio in the hope that she would be able to find the clues and locations remotely.

After a successful series running from 1982-1989 Anneka hung up her treasure hunting boots, however many corporate teams continued the theme on their team away day’s and have been taking part in treasure hunts all over the UK and beyond ever since.

Team Building In Bath – The Options

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Are you team building in Bath? well if you have already started to look around for team building in bath ideas on the internet then you will find either a list of hotels recommending their venues or a host of indoor team building options. However you may not have the budget or need to host your event at a hotel in Bath so without an indoor setting or venue with outside grounds you are going to struggle to find the perfect solution to your Bath team building day.Team Building In Bath

So what are the options for team building in Bath?

These were the words spoken to us recently by a client looking to take his team out of the office into the fresh air for some interactive team building in  Bath. For clients who are on a limited budget and look for team activities within town and city areas there is always going to be a few issues trying to find the perfect solution, however we do have that solution!

The After Party Case Study #9

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The After Party…every good event has one.

With the Olympic Games coming to a close what better way to end it than with a ‘just as memorable’ after party…just in the same way, what better way to see the end of another financial year, or even another working year?!

Here at Fradley Croft Corporate Events we have just the thing, from complete room and table decoration to the very best in evening entertainment. So kick off the trainers, (or work shoes!) and get your best glad rags on and enjoy a night of living life like a star! Just as our following client did…..

Office Olympics Case Study #8

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Olympic Fever!..has hit us all; Whether you are fortunate enough to visit the games or not, there is no escaping the thrill & excitement of the 2012 Games.

As one particular company requested, “we would like an indoor Olympic themed event to mark the passing of the Olympic Torch”.

With 300 guests in mind, our mission was to provide an office based, indoor event that employees could attend at their leisure throughout the working day and compete against their colleagues for that all important gold medal!…and that is exactly what we delivered.

Outdoor Water Activities – Team Building Event Case Study #7

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Rewards and incentives for team building

A slight change this week from last with the case study being based on evening entertainment and relationship building as this week we look at some great ways to reward and incentivize your staff through our fantastic water sport activity days.

Sometimes teams are already performing and proving great at what they do for your business and a team building event based on creating this type of team is obviously going to be of no use and also a waste of your company profits!