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Fun Time Friday #3

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I would imagine that competition is hotting up a bit amongst your teams. If you had a look at our half time review you might have made a few changes to the teams, and started to think about the dynamics going on within them.

Who’s who?Bloggers-Block-270x300

You need to be looking at how the teams and individuals are interacting with each other. Try and make a note of who will try anything, who is first to congratulate, who jumps up and celebrates their or another teams success.

These personal traits bleed into working lives. But sometimes these are disguised or shielded.

One of the purposes of “team building days” is to allow these traits to surface.

Fun Time Friday

Written by James Carruthers on . Posted in article, Event Planning, Ice Breakers, Indoor Team Building, Team Building Games, Team Building Ideas, Team Spirit, Team Work

Team building is often seen as something you need to get outsiders in to help you with. But why? It’s your team, you already know each other, you have a good idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

This blog will be the first of a series that will show you how to run a 30 minute Friday afternoon team build.

The events will be competitive, light-hearted, fun to play and watch.

boot camp

Team Building – A Night At The Opera Or A Day In Combats?

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There are fewer wishy-washy (mass) nouns than Team Building. Yet these words create very vivid images in people’s heads even though they come from very different experiences and perspectives.

Back in 2008 I took my partner on a romantic trip to Paris specifically to see The Magic Flute at the Paris Opera House. It was and remains the only time I’ve been to the Opera. The version I saw was very modern (subsequently slated by the press), the characters wore jumpsuits and vests and the stage was strewn with giant inflatable props. Not what had expected at all. No fat lady, no horned helmet, yet we loved the experience.

Building teams in 2016

Building Teams In 2016, Whats In and Whats out

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Team building is back on the must do list for companies in 2016. When the recession hit in 2009 businesses had to tighten their belts and make cutbacks.

Events of all kinds were the first on this list of non essentials. Many companies had to make redundancies, it wasn’t seen to be politically correct to make someone redundant and then a month later take the remaining teams on an away-day.

However redundancies result in changes in team dynamics. New teams take time to settle in, there are often clashes in personnel, problems with roles and responsibilities.  The earlier these can be addressed with a properly constructed team building package the quicker everyone can settle into their jobs and get down to business.

Relieving The Headache Of Planning Large Corporate Events

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Large team building events can create big headaches but there are options to relieve the pain!Event Stress

Very few companies will choose to entertain everyone all in one go, though most famously Virgin host an almost legendary annual Summer party.  Hosting around 60,000 people all in one place in one day with top of the bill acts, food, drink and a mini festival.

Just imagine being at that Virgin event and thinking, “I’m part of this and they value me”.

Using Team Building to Build Teams Effectively

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“We are looking to run a team building event.”tester-featured

That’s probably the most common opening to an enquiry we receive. The question I try to ask in return is “Why?” and that is usually as far as that line of conversation stops.

Most clients don’t really know why their team isn’t functioning as they would hope, truth is that sometimes it can only be ascertained by spending time with them in their working environment.

So what’s wrong with your team, probably nothing. Individuals tend to cause the problems, it could be the guy on the shop floor that sneaks off and lets other people do all the work or that girl in the office that just can’t stop playing Candy Crush. The disengaged person that just runs on tick over, or it could be the boss, aggressive, abrasive, or just not a good leader.

People will always try to blame others rather than face their own weaknesses.

Treasure Hunts From Past To Present

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By definition treasure hunts are “a game in which players search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues.” Now, I’m not trying to say that all treasure hunts have to be Captain Jack Sparrow or Indiana Jones influenced (unless you want them to be!) but they can be used to great effect and provide a thoroughly enjoyable day for anyone.treasure

Treasure hunts have evolved over the decades, from simple compasses and maps, to iPads and helicopters. However, regardless of the drastic technological change, they still withhold the same excitement and enthusiasm as they did during the 18th Century when real pirates conquered the unfortunate coasts of the world.

The Modern Day Treasure Hunt Inspired Through Technology

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Treasure hunts have always been a firm favourite with corporate teams looking for something fun to do in the outdoors for team building and in these modern times technology has helped to keep this event fresh and enjoyable for all.Treasure Hunt Game Show

Treasure hunts for corporate days were spurred on in the early 1980’s by the hit TV game show Treasure Hunt where Anneka Rice entertained the nation as the ‘skyrunner’  in a series of race against the clock treasure hunts throughout the UK. The format for the show was for two contestants who had an information and map resource to communicate with ‘the skyrunner (Anneka) over radio from the studio in the hope that she would be able to find the clues and locations remotely.

After a successful series running from 1982-1989 Anneka hung up her treasure hunting boots, however many corporate teams continued the theme on their team away day’s and have been taking part in treasure hunts all over the UK and beyond ever since.

Things To Do In Birmingham For Staff Team Building

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Birmingham also known as the UK’s second city (although some may argue Manchester has the right to this crown) has a lot to offer when it comes to things to do in Birmingham for your team building day out.

Not only does this great city have plenty of options for staff team building it is also an excellent choice for a central location to hold your meeting or conference but before we look into the team building options lets take a look at what Birmingham has to offer when looking for things to do.