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A Review Of Leadership And Team Dynamics

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Hopefully by now you will have had a chance to try out some of the past 2 weeks Fun Time Friday games and enjoyed competing within your office.

Games will have been won and lost. Some of the team players will be being identified as real competitors and others not so.

This is an important time in your teams development. You may have noticed  that in episode one I made no mention of assigning a team captain. This was very deliberate. They should of by now allowed a team captain/leader come to the fore.

This captain may have earned their position through repeated high performance or through social standing already in the company, or they could have just assumed the position.

The team captain will also have placed a second behind her. A “right hand man”. This position is usually much more disputed than the captain. Other high performers will be thinking “why isn’t that me?” while players who have lost their games might me thinking “Who does she think she is?”

Decision making and the art of leadership

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There are lots of exercises and activities sold that help facilitators identify leadership qualities in delegates on “Team Building tasks”. In fact while some team exercises focus on communication, trust, and organisation skills, leadership is the one that will have the greatest effect on the team dynamic and the team’s success.teamwork-300x199

There are always people that are willing to step up and take control, in fact some people are hard to stop. Many team building events encourage teams to select a different team leader at each activity.

This is a great idea, but hard to maintain unless the facilitator takes a firm grip on the team as  people naturally fall into roles they are comfortable with.

Using Team Building to Build Teams Effectively

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“We are looking to run a team building event.”tester-featured

That’s probably the most common opening to an enquiry we receive. The question I try to ask in return is “Why?” and that is usually as far as that line of conversation stops.

Most clients don’t really know why their team isn’t functioning as they would hope, truth is that sometimes it can only be ascertained by spending time with them in their working environment.

So what’s wrong with your team, probably nothing. Individuals tend to cause the problems, it could be the guy on the shop floor that sneaks off and lets other people do all the work or that girl in the office that just can’t stop playing Candy Crush. The disengaged person that just runs on tick over, or it could be the boss, aggressive, abrasive, or just not a good leader.

People will always try to blame others rather than face their own weaknesses.

Why Team Building Works For Business

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Corporate team building since the days of the Roman Empire and beyond is the method that captains of industry employ to generate more constructive energy than the sum of the individual parts.team activities

A classic example of team building at its best was Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt when he led the English army on an “away day” to France and utilised team building to take on the superior numbers of French soldiers.

Things to do in Stratford Upon Avon For Work Days Out

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The birthplace of Shakespeare and a fantastic location with a huge range of things to do in Stratford Upon Avon for work days out and team building outings. If you have not already visited Stratford Upon Avon and sampled its fantastic historical landmarks and cultural experiences then you are missing out on a really great day out for your staff!

Stratford Upon Avon is set in the beautiful rural Warwickshire countryside, on the banks of the river Avon and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the UK. Not only does this famous town offer truck loads of places to see and entertainment to experience it is one of our most popular destinations for clients looking to take part in our Stratford Upon Avon treasure hunts so lets look at what Stratford Upon Avon has to offer in terms of sightseeing.

What Is Team Building All About?

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What is team building? well according to Google the term ‘what is team building?’ is searched for  more than any other phrase to do with team building!

what is team building?

So there must be a lot of you out there looking to find out exactly what is team building and how this can be implemented into your working environment or teams. Therefore this weeks post will hopefully shed some light on what team building is for and how it can have a positive effect on your team.

Firstly in order to build a team we need our individuals to have a specific role within the team as without this how are we going to build a high performing team if your co-workers are all focused on the same individual objectives?

Go Team, Go! How To Build Engaged Workforce Teams

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Most of us have heard the expression, “Many hands make light work.” We’ve also seen the inspirational posters extolling the virtues of team work. Okay, so famous sayings and motivational visuals aside, we all understand the importance of teamwork and what it means to an organisation. But it’s one thing to create teams, it’s quite another to ensure these Team workteams are working together towards common goals that will drive success for the company as a whole.


How do you ensure that your work teams are more than a list of names on an organisational chart forced together by way of function, role or area? Where there is “team”, there should be a great deal more, including the trust, respect and a desire to collaborate for the good of the company. Yet, in so many situations this is not the case.


Being part of an effective team can help increase employee engagement, drive creativity and spark innovation. Conversely, a less-than-effective team environment can do exactly the opposite, resulting in lower employee performance and higher turnover.

Entertainment Companies – What We Can Do For Your Team

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This weeks post is a chance for us to show case some of the event entertainment that we provide and enlighten you as to what entertainment companies can do to help your team enjoy a great evening event!After Party Entertainment

As well as team building we are also an evening entertainment company offering a whole range of exciting and interactive corporate entertainment for clients through out London and the UK. In fact we provide just as many evening entertainment events as we do team building days which shows that many of our clients see a balance between rewarding their staff socially as well as a need for good team work and leadership.

The need for a good knees up and a chance to relax on a corporate evening is just as important as a serious team event or conference and often has the same positive outcomes that you would get from a team building day so always keep this in mind when planning your event.

6 Tips For Running Team Building Activities

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Team building activities can be a very rewarditipsng experience and an exercise that needs to be researched and fully understood in order to create a high performing team. In this weeks post we are looking at my recommendations for a successful team building activity by following these 6 simple tips.


There is no point in running team building activities if only part of your team are involved and participation should be top of your list when it comes to deciding on the right activity for your event. Tryto make sure that the participation level is spread evenly between physical and cerebral challenges so that you are not making the activity unpleasant for the less physically able members of your group. The key here is that there needs to be a balance to ensure everyone in your group is kept active throughout the activity and that a positive not negative outcome is achieved. Try not to think about your own skills and abilities but more so of the individuals on the day and the mix of gender, age and relationship to create the most participation.

Team Building For Beginners

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What is team building? Well that’s a good question as not everyone sees team building or team building activities in the same light and there can be a lot of confusion as to what makes a good or poor team through team building.work as a team to put the pieces together

In this weeks article I will try and clear up the difference between a real team and a group of people thrown into a so called workgroup team. We will also look at the importance of selecting the right team building activities and how to use team building games effectively within the workplace and for your team.