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How to Build Successful Teams

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Your team is imperative to your business’s success, and as leader it is your responsibility to ensure that your team works as well as it possibly can. Each employee acts as a crucial and unique element that makes your business work, and your business can only work effectively when all parts work together as a team.

You therefore need to make sure that your team is motivated and inspired to work hard and grow with your company. You want them to perform to the best of their ability, to produce results and exceed expectation.
The infographic below highlights the key factors that you need to build a successful team. You need to know who you are as leader, understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses and how they work individually. You need to support them and let them know how they can improve. Tell them what they’re doing well, reward them for it and celebrate achievements.

Follow these steps to build a successful team, and ultimately empower your business’s success.

Fun Time Friday #3

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I would imagine that competition is hotting up a bit amongst your teams. If you had a look at our half time review you might have made a few changes to the teams, and started to think about the dynamics going on within them.

Who’s who?Bloggers-Block-270x300

You need to be looking at how the teams and individuals are interacting with each other. Try and make a note of who will try anything, who is first to congratulate, who jumps up and celebrates their or another teams success.

These personal traits bleed into working lives. But sometimes these are disguised or shielded.

One of the purposes of “team building days” is to allow these traits to surface.

A Review Of Leadership And Team Dynamics

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Hopefully by now you will have had a chance to try out some of the past 2 weeks Fun Time Friday games and enjoyed competing within your office.

Games will have been won and lost. Some of the team players will be being identified as real competitors and others not so.

This is an important time in your teams development. You may have noticed  that in episode one I made no mention of assigning a team captain. This was very deliberate. They should of by now allowed a team captain/leader come to the fore.

This captain may have earned their position through repeated high performance or through social standing already in the company, or they could have just assumed the position.

The team captain will also have placed a second behind her. A “right hand man”. This position is usually much more disputed than the captain. Other high performers will be thinking “why isn’t that me?” while players who have lost their games might me thinking “Who does she think she is?”

Fun Time Friday

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Team building is often seen as something you need to get outsiders in to help you with. But why? It’s your team, you already know each other, you have a good idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

This blog will be the first of a series that will show you how to run a 30 minute Friday afternoon team build.

The events will be competitive, light-hearted, fun to play and watch.

boot camp

Team Building – A Night At The Opera Or A Day In Combats?

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There are fewer wishy-washy (mass) nouns than Team Building. Yet these words create very vivid images in people’s heads even though they come from very different experiences and perspectives.

Back in 2008 I took my partner on a romantic trip to Paris specifically to see The Magic Flute at the Paris Opera House. It was and remains the only time I’ve been to the Opera. The version I saw was very modern (subsequently slated by the press), the characters wore jumpsuits and vests and the stage was strewn with giant inflatable props. Not what had expected at all. No fat lady, no horned helmet, yet we loved the experience.

Spaghetti & Marshmallow Challenge

Learning From Spaghetti And Marshmallow..Really?

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For the last 10 years the Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge has been a staple ad-hoc exercise for companies to use on their staff in the name of team building.

There are several variants of the exercise but generally the team is tasked with building a self supporting tower with a marshmallow on top.

Feedback is usually based on the success or failure of the team and how high they managed to get the tower. But I’ve been asked many times “What does this have to do with me and what I do in my work”.

The answer is found in WHAT they do in the task and not HOW they did it.

Building teams in 2016

Building Teams In 2016, Whats In and Whats out

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Team building is back on the must do list for companies in 2016. When the recession hit in 2009 businesses had to tighten their belts and make cutbacks.

Events of all kinds were the first on this list of non essentials. Many companies had to make redundancies, it wasn’t seen to be politically correct to make someone redundant and then a month later take the remaining teams on an away-day.

However redundancies result in changes in team dynamics. New teams take time to settle in, there are often clashes in personnel, problems with roles and responsibilities.  The earlier these can be addressed with a properly constructed team building package the quicker everyone can settle into their jobs and get down to business.

The Solution Hat

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Have you ever been that person who feels uncomfortable about office politics or a new business move but just can’t pluck up the courage to speak out for the better of the company or your own position due to over powering colleagues or managers?

Getting people to stand up and speak their true thoughts  at a meeting or in an office environment is a difficult task and not everyone who really wants to make a stand will take the opportunity.

This outcome and lack of real input can have a very negative impact on a business and managers need a way to minimise this so they can focus on moving the business forward. Great businesses are fueled by great teams and these great teams are fueled by good cohesion and teamwork so communication is the key to all of this.

When Do You Need A Team Building Event?

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People achieve senior management positions for simple reasons.  But mostly it all boils down to the fact that they are trusted to make good decisions.

At the top of a company will either be a Chairperson or Share holders that place the responsibility for the running of the business into that the hands of an MD who in turn will delegate out to a management team of people he or she trusts.bbq

And so it continues down the chain of command to the lowliest of positions within the business.