Poster Boy – Team Spirit Activity

make a poster about youThis is a quick, fun little team building activity designed to help your team members learn more about each other and feel more like a group. This makes a good follow up or partner to the Nosey Parkers game as that one is based around asking questions and this particular game uses self disclosure so they are yin and yang.

All of these approaches can help build team spirit and get your team members working as a team towards the team objectives.

Ice Breaker Games For Adults

We have all been in that tricky meeting, where you are sitting down, not really knowing the other folks, not really keen to get involved and likewise, we have all had those moments when you find out a problem you were struggling with was something a colleague was not only good at, but actively enjoyed doing. These quick and easy icebreaker games are perfect for adults or the workplace and will encourage openness, get people talking, interacting and sharing information.

4 Card Negotiation – Communication Game

The art of negotiation is a great skill and we all need to have a little of this to progress in business and clinch that deal!

Today’s team game is focused on a fun communication exercise that allows participants to network with each other and trade for the better of their team in a limited period of time. Selection of playing cards

As in business negotiating with a client or customer to seal the deal is something that we all strive to do and nothing is better than the buzz of another order and an increased bank balance. If you have a sales team that you want to wake up before a meeting and subliminally introduce negotiation into the day or simply provide a fun communication game ‘4 Card Negotiation’ is a great activity.

Solve It

Solve It is a mixture of fast paced problem solving games for adults, designed to break the ice before your meeting starts and is designed to get your guests hyped up and ready to concentrate on the business that follows.puzzle

The previous 2 posts that covered problem solving games (Mind Block & Puzzling Picasso’s) included just one task where as today’s game Solve It is a mixture of as many tasks and games that you can include within the time you have for your problem solving session.

Think of this game as a race against the clock with the winning team being the team that successfully completes the most challenges in the time given.

There is not much need here for me to rattle on about how to use this selection of problem solving games so I thought it best to compile a list of some example logic tasks and leave it to your selves to include the ones your prefer along with any of your own.

Mind Block

Yesterday I posted ‘Puzzling Picasso’s‘ the first of this week’s trilogy of problem solving activities and today’s activity is called ‘Mind Block’.Bloggers-Block

Once again this problem solving activity is very simple to set up and run and all you will need are some Lego or children’s building blocks, it’s as simple as that. Now as yesterday’s problem solving activity was all about attention to detail and working as a whole group to complete the puzzle today’s problem solving activity relies more on passage of information, memory  and team work.

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