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It’s A Knockout!

Its a Knockout is a fantastic event full of giant inflatable’s, obstacles and props that provide a fun packed activity day for  corporate events, team building days and fundraiser’s. This high paced and competitive Its A Knockout tournament will see teams challenging each other in a fun and safe arena, with professional presenters and instructors providing a running commentary throughout the Olympic style games.

Those playing the games can compete on a range of giant inflatable’s and custom built fun games along with a public address system complete with party music to create a truly uplifting atmosphere.

Our events can entertain groups of all sizes from 30 guests upwards, the more teams the better the event! You can either come to our activity centre in the Midlands or we will come to you.

We recommend that you plan your event with teams of at least 8 guests in each, you can name your teams how you like or we can colour co-ordinate them for you with matching t-shirts to create an even more visual event.

All of our Its A Knockout inflatable challenges are staffed by our trained instructors and a motivational compere will be on hand to insure the event is high paced and hugely enjoyable.

The list of games is vast and you can chose which inflatable challenges you want for your own personal touch to your Its A Knockout event.

Here are some of the Its A Knockout games and their descriptions below.

  • great escapeTeams compete against each other across this challenging inflatable assault course. Squeezing through tight tubes, clambering over walls, sliding down slopes and crawling through holes is all part of succeeding in the Great Escape. Victory is only achieved once the whole team have completed the run!

  • its a knockoutTeams go head to head on this ultimate game of stamina and skill. A giant inflatable ball suspended from the giant arch above is swung precariously from side to side by opposing team members in an attempt to knock the opposition off their podiums. The first team to knock em’ off wins the tournament!

  • pizzaWith awkward customers waiting at the dinner table the race is on for the teams to quickly deliver their giant pizzas over and under the large inflatable oven grills, sounds easy but the pizzas are red hot and can’t be handled without the right cooking utensils! The first team to serve up their pizzas and keep the customers happy wins the game.

  • water racePrepare to get very wet in this ultimate ‘knockout finale’. Teams go head to head to transfer as much water as they can in the shortest amount of time from one end of the course to the other….hilarious!!

  • run the gauntletThe challenge is set. Push your way through the giant bish bash obstacle sticks and fight your way to the foam filled pit! Once there, scramble through the bottom of the pit to find your teams token, then make your return journey as quickly as you can, but be aware, members of the opposition are in there with you hindering your progress!

  • ringsThe whole team in relay must reach the summit of the wedge to descend the other side, easier said than done! The winning team is the first to get all members to the far side with their giant rings intact where a test of skill is then needed to strategically fire their precious rings onto the inflatable scoring zones

  • puzzle wallThis is an amazing game of speed and action. A relay based sprint where you will have to squeeze and hop through the long inflatable tubes and holes to collect your team’s precious piece of the puzzle, but don’t forget only one piece at a time! The winning team is the first to reconstruct the pieces on the picture board.

  • The Great Escape
  • Last Man Standing
  • Pizza The Action
  • Water Race
  • Run the Gauntlet
  • King of the Rings
  • Picture Picasso

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