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Experience A Treasure Hunt Like No Other!

Take to the streets, venue grounds or any other location with our iPads and experience a cutting edge high tech adventure like no other team building event you have seen before!

Our GPS tablet treasure hunts have evolved year on year and we are now proud to announce the release of our newly updated app that enables us to provide our events on an extremely interactive and fun action packed platform. Using iPads and GPS technology teams are released out into the game zone around your chosen location and embark on a high tech adventure that will involve a whole host of exciting and fast paced challenges.

Your teams will need to work out their route via the interactive map and manage the time effectively as each challenge has a different level of scoring and only when the teams arrive at the GPS Hot Spot on the map will the challenge be revealed. These challenges will be a mixture of questions relating to local landmarks, crazy photographic and movie tasks, staffed characters, hidden QR codes and a whole lot more!

Players will be able to see where they and all the other players are on the interactive map with the ability to chat together or attack them with virtual jokes like smashing the other teams screens to disable their iPads!

Our Tablet Treasure Hunts Include Great Features

  • The app explainedSuper simple design

    Designed for ultimate fun and interaction but also ease of use we have designed the treasure hunt app to be used by even the most basic of tech users.

    Click the image for a more detailed overview.

  • Treasure Hunt CluesChallenges

    These are only triggered when the players arrive within 20 meters of the map marker.

    Crazy photographic and video based  tasks, questions related to landmarks, QR codes to find, augmented reality, staffed checkpoints the list goes on!

  • Distance to go

    Distance To Go

    Keep an eye on the map and work out the nearest challenges to you with a constantly updated travel system. Ideal for saving valuable time!

  • Real leaderboardtime live leaderboard

    This great feature allows all the teams to see their progression in the game and keep up to date with the other teams scores as they continue to gain or lose points!

  • Message Message facility

    Interaction is a key ingredient in our treasure hunts and with this messaging facility your teams will be able to chat with other teams throughout the game. The teams can also call on HQ for help at any time.

  • QR CodesQR Codes

    Qr codes are images that can be scanned from within the app to reveal a new task, challenge or hint. This great option allows us to create bespoke treasure hunts that can be set anywhere at a moments notice.

  • Augmented realityAugmented Reality - No you see it, now you don't! 

    Augmented reality challenges can be created to appear is if from nowhere and only when the players  point their iPads in the correct direction will the task be revealed. This great facility provides an opportunity to also include bespoke options like having your boss appear in front of your eyes with a secret mission!

  • Navigation

    Location services

    Pin point your own and other teams location on the map at any time. You may need this when hunting down other teams to steal their points!

  • satMap Views

    Change between the standard map view, satellite or a hybrid setting for extreme clue finding!

  • iRobotiRobot - Watch out for this cheeky little robot as he may be roaming around the map!

    iRobot can be your friend or foe in the game as he will either provide you with bonus points if caught or steal your points if he hunts you down!

  • Gadgets


    Gadgets - Disable others teams iPads with your arsenal of gadgets and slow them down as you send them grenades, broken screens and a whole lot more!

  • Team IdentificationTeam Identification

    Before the game starts your team will be prompted to take an ID photo. This will be available for all teams to see throughout the game when chatting and checking live scores. Another great way to check out the competition and identify your colleagues!

  • Simple Design
  • Challenges
  • Travel System
  • Leaderboard
  • Messaging
  • QR Codes
  • Augmented Reality
  • Location Finder
  • View Finder
  • iRobot
  • Gadgets
  • Team ID

As the treasure hunt progresses you will be able to keep up to date with a real time live score board to see how the other teams are doing and interact with our event manager as you complete extra challenges to gain more points. There are also bonus prizes for completing a target amount of challenges and some challenges are only revealed once others have been completed. Oh yes and you can even join up with another team in a joint effort to become victorious!

The app also enables us to dictate a specific route for the teams to take before attempting the remaining challenges which enables us to provide treasure hunts for large groups without the teams all following each other!

Our event manager who will host and run your event can also watch via our admin computer as the treasure hunt unfolds. This allows us to ensure all is well with your teams whilst out in the game zone and keep an eye out for teams trying to hide in the pub.

Big brother is watching!

Perfect For Inner City Team Building

Our corporate treasure hunts  can be held anywhere in the UK and we have created some amazing treasure hunts  for clients looking for ideas to inspire their away days. The great thing about a treasure hunt is that they are the simplest yet most effective way in which to get a team working together and having fun at the same time!

Not only are our corporate treasure hunts usually a more cost effective option to alternative outdoor team building days they are extremely versatile – Our corporate treasure hunts can be organised at almost any venue – in a forest, a museum, a city centre or even in the air with our helicopter treasure hunt.

Whatever your requirements are let us know and we will create a truly memorable corporate treasure hunt for your guests. There are various treasure hunt formats that we provide, just contact  us with your idea and we will create you a fantastic bespoke treasure hunt or take a look at the varieties and locations from past treasure hunts below.

Sample Locations From Previous Treasure Hunts –

We cover the whole UK and can create a corporate treasure hunt tailored to your preferred town, city or venue. The list below provides some details of treasure hunts in major cities to give you a taste for what is available. If you have an idea or just want to pick our treasure hunting brains call us on 0845 689 1066.

Why Is A Fradley Croft Treasure Hunt Different?

We like to think that our organised corporate treasure hunts are a cut above the rest due to the high tech and interesting scenarios that we implement into our events. Long gone are the days of running around with a sketch map and a Polaroid camera!

As with all our team building events we aim to keep every individual involved in our challenges and by keeping this in mind we ensure that each person in your team will be tasked with challenges in the treasure hunt.

Simply put, Fradley Croft is a treasure hunt organiser with a difference so let us design a unique treasure hunt for you.

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