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Treasure Hunts With The Knowledge!

This London Taxi treasure hunt is designed for clients who want a great afternoon out of the office engaging in some fun and interactive activities around Central London whilst saving on footwear!

Based on iPads with our super cool app our event manager will set the scene for your black cab treasure hunt starting from any where in the city you wish. After an initial brief and description of how your iPads work your guests are off to find their private cabs and friendly drivers!

As with all our tablet treasure hunts your guests will find themselves traveling around on foot hunting for GPS hotspots at various famous landmark locations. Teams will be collecting valuable information and carrying out tasks but with added taxi power all aided by our super interactive and competitive app.

Not only will the teams have to gather information, take photos, complete scavenger tasks and meet with secret agents they may also have to take a video of their team selling fruit and veg in a famous London market!


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Our Tablet Treasure Hunts Include Great Features

This event can be organised anywhere in London and can also be supplied as an onfoot version which makes for a great team building day in this great city. These fantastic taxi treasure hunts usually conclude with an awards ceremony and Champagne for the winning team before your guests take a look at the amusing photos from the event.

“Explore London In A Whole New Way!”


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