• Corporate Game Show

Hilarious Game shows!

If you want a game show that is extremely humorous, interactive and involves a great competitive edge we have your solution!

We supply two great options, the Super Quiz show or Company Fortunes as described below.

Teams (families) are involved in a head to head battle and controlled by our professional host who ensures that event runs smoothly and no cheating is allowed.

This corporate game show can be provided with a full set that includes star cloth, light shows and various props as seen on the TV version and captures all the hilarious fun as you would expect from this informal and great game show.

Individuals will also get to win spot prizes throughout the show if they answer questions correctly – beware these can be very wacky!!

After dinner fun has never been so good! There is always a need for something to do after a corporate dinner so why not choose one of our hilariously interactive game shows for corporate entertainment where everyone gets involved and there is no shortage of laughter!

Depending on the amount of guests on your evening there are a number of options available all of which ensure the audience and participants are involved at all times. Company fortunes is just one of the game shows that we provide so please do enquire about the other options that can include our new show incorporating other greats such as Bulls Eye, Play Your Cards Right and many more!

Alternatively another great choice to fill in the gaps between meals are our quiz nights. Our corporate quizzes are fully interactive with the use of wireless answering gadgets and giant projector screens. If you want a mixture of game show activities and a good old quiz then our Super Quiz is a fantastic choice that includes interactive challenges and brain power!

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