• White Fun Casino

Wow Factor Fun Casino’s!

Our fun casino evenings are completely unique and unlike any other in the market place, these white casino tables are of the highest quality and our croupiers are professionals who have many years of experience. Our fun casino manager and croupiers will be on hand to explain, advise and ensure a highly enjoyable and stylish evening is had by all.

We will provide you with an atmospheric and very stylish evening event whereby we will create a real cool casino feel to your dinning room or venue.

These fun casino tables have been designed to look totally different to the usual fun casino tables you may have seen before and offer a wow factor to really impress your clients and guests.

Guests exchange fun money or a casino voucher for chips at the casino tables. At the end of the evenings entertainment, the players cash in their chips to discover who has been most successful. Its as simple as that!

Prizes can be awarded to as many winners as you like.

Everyone has the chance of a big prize and you don’t have to favour one guest over another. With fun casinos, success is down to their skill – and Lady Luck! 

Our fun casino packages are provided in a variety of different formats with a minimum package of 2 tables.

Our full size gambling tables consist of the following –

You can either book our white casino tables or standard fun casino tables for your event so please call for the various options and costs.

The images that you can see on our site are the actual casino tables that you will experience on your evening event and can be coloured to suit your branding/theme.

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