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Enter The Games Room!

Our pub games night is a great way to either have some informal fun after an evening meal or as a team based competition. With a huge itinerary of giant games from the traditional to new we can confidently say we will have everyone entertained at your corporate event!

There are numerous ways in which your games night can work, we can supply your games night package as a stand alone event where by your guests are left to their own devices and they play at their leisure. Or we can create a team based competition with the use of fun money or a scoring system with staff.

Each team will rotate around the individual games and compete against other teams in order to bet their fun money and ultimately become the overall winner by gaining the most money at the close of the event. With such a great variety of games available this option is perfect for all guest types and can fill a gap before or after your meal to make for a highly enjoyable evening.

You can chose from the following games:

All of the games can be staffed by Fradley Croft and a host will control your event via a public address system along with background music to provide an extra buzz to your event. We provide this corporate games night throughout the UK and at any venue you require so please contact us below for more information.

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