• Scalextric Track hire

Scalextric Hire

This giant Scalextric track is a great way to either have some informal fun after an evening meal or as a team based competition. With our huge 8 lane track that can accommodate up to 8 cars at once we can confidently say we will have everyone entertained!

The event will begin with a practice and warm up session controlled by our marshals in order to get your guests used to the controls of this fantastic evening event.

The event will continue to engage your guests all evening and will conclude with a prize giving for the winning team or individual.

This fantastic Scalextric track includes 8 individual lanes all controlled via a computer and our friendly scalextrics operator who will entertain and encourage your guests to take part in this highly enjoyable and exciting competitive event.

Your Scalextric Grand Prix will be controlled with a host via a public address system along with background music to provide a great extra buzz to your event.

The dimensions for this track are approx 6m x 4m and it can be installed within the hour.

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