• Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting The Fun Way

This is a fun wine tasting event that provides a great way to lighten the atmosphere before your evening ahead. The wine tasting game starts with a light-hearted introduction to the art of wine tasting before we quickly move onto the wine tasting itself with participants working in small teams of 3 to 6.

The game starts with each team tasting their own wine however their wine is covered in a numbered bag so they or the other teams cannot see what bottle is inside. Using the winemaker’s lexicon, they decide on their descriptions for ‘taste’, ‘aroma’ and ‘sensation’ for their teams initial wine before entering their findings onto the electronic results board.

Under the control and watchful eye of our host everybody has a go at swirling, sniffing and slurping each covered wine and trying to match the bag numbers with the correct descriptions. Finally all the bags are unveiled and the team with the highest number of matches becomes “top nose” for the day!

Between each wine tasting we also run a short quiz round on a large screen to give the guests a break from the drinking and also to teach you a little about the different grapes and regions of our wines.

At the end of the wine tasting event, we quickly score up and award the results to the teams with the the wine tasting typically lasts about an hour pre-dinner.

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