Ice Breaker Games For Adults

We have all been in that tricky meeting, where you are sitting down, not really knowing the other folks, not really keen to get involved and likewise, we have all had those moments when you find out a problem you were struggling with was something a colleague was not only good at, but actively enjoyed doing. These quick and easy icebreaker games are perfect for adults or the workplace and will encourage openness, get people talking, interacting and sharing information.

Why Use Ice Breaker Games?

No matter what your group, whether they are established but don’t really know a lot about each other or you are looking for some simple meeting ice breakers to get the room communicating and prepared for the real purpose of the meeting, these ice breaker games for adults will help you get everyone warmed up and ready for action!

Getting people to relax and interact is not always easy, especially if they are a new group. Icebreaker games provider a way to get people having fun and communicating before the real work begins and can ensure that participants will better contribute to the group.

Ice Breaker Games

The following games can all be used in various situations where you need to encourage interaction and break down any barriers in a new or existing group.

1. Innovative Introductions

This is a simple icebreaker game that requires no equipment or really any planning and can be used in a meeting or any group situation. The game adds a bit of fun to the process of introducing yourself with the intention of everyone learning a little about the other person and making those introductions more memorable. This is a good game to keep in the memory banks and you can pull this one out whenever you may need it.
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2. Nosey Parkers

This game can be used in a new group where you need to encourage fact finding amongst team members or can even work with established groups where people don’t know enough about other team members. The game requires nothing more than a simple work sheet that you can print off.
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3. Poster Boy

This is another self disclosure game that can be used to help groups learn a little bit more about each other. This one can be good for more confident groups and can be easily focused towards work or personal specifics to suit the occasion. We run this a lot in different groups and it always goes down a storm!
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4. How Different are we all?

This icebreaker game is your flexible friend – it can be ran with new groups, team get together, works indoor and outdoor and is especially good for introducing new group members to an existing group as well as breaking the ice in a group environment. An always fun, simple, and easy way to break the ice!
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5. I am good at…

This one is a little different and is a good complimentary game to the ice breakers above. This game helps people learn a little bit more about their team members and what in particular those people want to do and what they are good at.
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Breaking the ice

To ensure you get the very best from your team get togethers or meetings you need to ensure that everyone is settled in and open to whatever it is you are looking to achieve. Simple icebreaker and self disclosure games like these can help everyone settle in, get to know one another and really open the door to ensure you get the maximum input from the team.

Of course, these can also be used as a first set of games in a more structured team building program which in itself also needn’t be a difficult or expensive process. You simply need to put aside 30 minutes, once a week for several weeks to start introducing some team building activities and ensuring the growth and success of your team.

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Alternatively if you are looking for a more managed team building day after your ice breaker session then take a look at our event company website that has a whole range of exciting team building activities, away day ideas and conference ice breakers. You may also find some great ice breaker activities on our blog to lighten the atmosphere at your next office Christmas Party!

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