I’m Good At….

team members working togetherContinuing our look at going beyond ice breakers and supercharging your teams today we will look at a way to ensure that everyone understands the core competencies of other team members. The thinking here is that team members who are doing what they want to be doing, do it better and team members that know what others are good at share work better so, lets get at it.

I am good at…

This is a simple game where team members share information about what they are good at and like doing to help establish the disclosure of such information between team members and to get that information out there in the first instance.


To ensure that team members realise that everyone has different areas where they excel and to make sure everyone knows what everyone else can and wants to do.


Large cards for each team member and some marker pens.

How it works

Ask each team member to write their name and then two (or even three if they are keen) areas that they are skilled in and enjoy doing on the board. Then, have all team members circulate, holding the board to make it easily visible with the goal of talking to everyone else in the team.

Get the most out of this by…

Well, we can learn, and we can forget, so it does not hurt to pin up the boards so everyone knows and can really get the lessons learned cemented in their minds. You can also try variations of the game and instead look at things they want to do more of, aspire to, don’t like etc. As with all games, you have to look at your team, figure out what you want to know and what you want team members to know about each other and mould the game to fit your exacting requirements (or give us a shout to help with that).


This is a simple activity but it further encourages talking and sharing of information between the group. This kind of activity coupled with similar self disclosure activities will establish a culture of self disclosure amongst the group in tandem with increased knowledge of team members.

Summing up

Team members can always learn how to work together better and learn more about other team members. Peoples skills, wants and likes are moving targets so this can work for new groups, old groups, new introductions or changing groups alike.

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