Innovative Introductions – Icebreaker Activity

ice cube image for icebreaker activities and gamesThe objectives of this icebreaker game is to add some fun and creativity to the process of team members introducing themselves and to make those introductions more memorable.


For team members to meet and greet in a fun and comfortable way. To stimulate discussion and for team members to learn about each other.

Equipment & Time

No equipment required and you will need around one minute per team member.

How it Works

Get your team assembled in a meeting room or somewhere that you won’t be disturbed and the team leader will quickly explain the rules to the team as follows: Each team member has to state his name but attach an adjective that describes them or an aspect of their personality, ideally in relation to the work and starting with the same letter as their name.

So, at Fradley Croft that may be Judicious James and Meticulous Marcus but it could just as well be Analytical Adam or Careful Charles. Ideally the adjective should start with the same letter as their name but if this may make the task more difficult (if you have a Zena, Xavier or some other difficult names then feel free to drop that aspect).

Allow one minute per person to give their new name and a very brief description of why they chose that adjective.

I am meticulous marcus because I like all my writing to be perfect.

I am Judicious James because I chose to exercise only the best and most wise judgement calls.

Get the most out of this by…

  • Allow one minute per person.
  • If someone is struggling make light of it and move on
  • for team meetings make badges with the new names
  • In established teams with good rapport reverse the game and allow members to create names for each other
  • Get team members to discuss how the name relates to their work

Want more meeting icebreakers?

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