Nosey Parkers – Ice Breaker Game

team members that don't know each otherHow much do you really know about your colleagues? Nothing? A bit? Too much? Fact is, we all have more in common than we may ever realise despite spending nearly 40 hours a week sat right next to each other if only we spent some time asking questions and getting properly acquainted.


This is a fact finding, icebreaking, communication team building game that aims to help build team identity and team spirit by getting members to find out a little more about each other and stimulating their natural bonding as colleagues and a tight, team unit.

Equipment & Time

You will just need to print off a copy of the NoseyParkersWorksheet for each team member. It may help to have a visible timer and a horn or whistle to get peoples attention as this one can get a little noisy in larger groups.

The game will take around 15 minutes in total allowing a 3 minute introduction, three 3 minute rounds and a minute preceding each round for people to pair up. To make things a bit more exciting some simple prizes (chocolate, gift coupons etc).

How it Works

Each team member is given a copy of the form and told that the goal is to find out as much as possible about three other team members. The goal is to discover things you did not already know so advise them not to pair up with chums. Dangle the carrot that the person who finds out the most things in common with another three members gets a prize.

Get the most out of this by…

  • Don’t let friends group up and make it easy on themselves
  • Provide prizes for the top 3 players
  • spend five minutes debriefing after the session


With all of these exercises, if you can spend five minutes asking questions afterwards you will get more out of this.

  • who found more than 10 things in common with another team member?
  • did anyone have anything unusual in common with someone else?
  • how did you discover what you had in common? What were the techniques used?
  • how can we use the information we have learnt about other team members to work better as a team?

Now I never knew that! Me too!

The goal here is relatively simple, get people talking, build bridges and create an awareness and understanding of other team members that can carry over into their work. Once everyone feels like part of a team, you can work on the team vision and setting team goals – all of which we will cover in future articles.

You may also like to try our other game Boardroom Bingo which is a great alternative and variation on this ice breaker.

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