Poster Boy – Team Spirit Activity

make a poster about youThis is a quick, fun little team building activity designed to help your team members learn more about each other and feel more like a group. This makes a good follow up or partner to the Nosey Parkers game as that one is based around asking questions and this particular game uses self disclosure so they are yin and yang.

All of these approaches can help build team spirit and get your team members working as a team towards the team objectives.


To get your team members to learn more about each other through self disclosure but in a fun and enjoyable way. The ultimate goal is to get team members talking and break down barriers.


You will need a bunch of coloured marker pens and a couple of sheets of flip board paper per person. Everyone will only make one billboard but there are bound to be those that want to start again.

How it works

Explain to everyone that they have five minutes to create a poster about themselves. They can use pictures, words and anything they want to illustrate who they are, what they like outside of work, what they do at work and anything else they want to share.

Once the people have done this they then have five minutes (more for large groups) to mingle around the group and learn what they can about the other team members.

Get the most out of this by…

  • This game is easily tweaked to focus on a given topic or area. If you only want to discuss roles within the workplace then do that. If you want to specifically avoid work, do that. If you want to bring new team members in do both. Whatever the problem you are trying to tackle, then the game is easily adapted to suit your needs (fire a comment below if you want some help tweaking it to your needs).
  • If you have people who are hesitant (hey, it’s team building, you are going to have people who don’t want to play) then reassure these bods and tell them to only share fun things that they like, often, when people get into this, they will find it is a fun way to learn more about others and that will encourage them to share more on subsequent team building games.
  • Stick the posters up for a few days around the office so people can continue to learn about their team members.
  • Instead of posters create t-shirts, do this first thing and have everyone wear their t-shirt for the rest of the day or on future team building efforts.


A debriefing is not always needed for this kind of activity but it can help to reiterate what has been learned about others. Possible questions included:

  • Can everyone state something they learned about another team member?
  • Can we use this approach to learn more about each others roles on the job?
  • Do you feel it is important to learn more about your team mates beyond their work?

Pretty as a picture

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