Puzzling Picasso’s Problem Solving Game

Problem solving Picasso GameThis creative problem solving activity is a great fast paced and hands on game where attention to detail is the key to the guests success. As the trainer you will need to select a piece of art or imagery before the meeting, print it out and cut it into as many pieces as there are guests in the meeting. Something like the Picasso painting shown here is ideal as although there is a lot of detail in the painting the guests will be able to re-create the lines and colours.

Once you have printed out and cut the image into pieces hand the individual pieces out to your guests and inform them that they now need to replicate their individual piece into a larger scaled drawing and once all pieces have been completed the group must put them all together to complete the finished bigger picture.

If you printed the original image out on to A4 then tell the guests that they need to scale their drawings up by 5 or 10 times the size that they have in front of them. The more space they use on their drawing the better so you will just need to work out the scale depending on the paper size that you have.

Very important – Do not allow the participants to work together as they must not see what the others are drawing. Ideally mix up the individual pieces as well.

Equipment wise you will need the following per guest:-

1 x Plain paper per guest

Selection of coloured pencils (make sure that they are the same per person so that the colours will match up)

Ruler to work out the scale


Scissors (to cut around the border of their drawing so that the edges will meet the other drawings)

Don’t forget to set a time limit to the task and make sure that everyone understands the tasks fully before you start. Most importantly explain to the guests that in order for them to complete this artistic problem solving exercise they must re-create the images perfectly so that their sketch marks match the positioning of the original piece.  When all pieces are finished they will hopefully connect successfully to the correct image piece above, below and to the left and right of their personal sketch.

It is up to the guests to now work out the solution to the puzzle and correctly place all drawings together before revealing the finished project.

paintbrush De-Briefing

You will find some very interesting results from using this problem solving activity and notice that some individuals will make an extra effort to apply maximum attention to detail where others will lack. It is also a good idea to emphasize to the group that although this is an individual task all the participants are working as a whole group to complete the problem solving game and that team work is the key to success here.

As always congratulate the team on their efforts and make them aware of what can be done when you work together on a combined and focused project. This problem solving game can easily be related back to your work dynamics and used to emphasize the need for looking at the bigger picture as well as your own efforts.


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