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Solve It is a mixture of fast paced problem solving games for adults, designed to break the ice before your meeting starts and is designed to get your guests hyped up and ready to concentrate on the business that follows.puzzle

The previous 2 posts that covered problem solving games (Mind Block & Puzzling Picasso’s) included just one task where as today’s game Solve It is a mixture of as many tasks and games that you can include within the time you have for your problem solving session.

Think of this game as a race against the clock with the winning team being the team that successfully completes the most challenges in the time given.

There is not much need here for me to rattle on about how to use this selection of problem solving games so I thought it best to compile a list of some example logic tasks and leave it to your selves to include the ones your prefer along with any of your own.


Problem Solving & Decision Making

Here is another great decision making exercise that requires individuals or teams to decide on what they would do in an airplane crash situation and how they rank items of importance for their survival. Click here for the PDF.


here piggy piggySomething Different – Piggy Piggy

And finally something a bit different from problem solving but a good fun meeting ice breaker! Here Piggy Piggy is a selection of fun personality type finding activities that will produce some interesting outcomes!



Have fun with these activities and please feel free to leave any comments below!

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