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Military Boot Camp!

Have you always wanted to feel and experience what it would be like to complete a selection process for the military? Well here is your chance to prove yourself, your team and your boss that you are worthy!

This highly motivating and very much hands on boot camp team building event is designed to develop individuals personalities and skills in a demanding and focused but also fun environment.

The scene is set as soon as your guests arrive at boot camp when they are confronted by the Regimental Sergeant Major who welcomes them to camp with a shall we say motivating speech!

Your guests will now realise that they are no longer civilians but highly motivated individuals intent on succeeding the tasks ahead and completing the selection process.

Through sharing the knowledge they are about to learn and working closely within their teams individuals will learn what team work is really all about!

 The Boot Camp Skill Tests – 

Our boot camp challenges are designed to incorporate a range of themed leadership and teamwork tasks. These tasks have been specially selected to bring out the best in people and provide a fun but challenging experience.

There will be no time for casually walking around the course either as our instructors will be ensuring that you are marching or running from on tasks to another!

It is essential that all recruits complete their military training in order to ‘pass out’ (in other words successful teams will be victorious! Not faint!)

The boot camp will be fully dressed with camouflage netting, military clothing for the guests, pyrotechnics and ex-service military instructors.

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