• Pole Position

Pole Position

This indoor and outdoor F1 themed team challenge is a fantastic event to get your guests working together under pressure whilst concentrating on the end goal of gaining Pole Position!

The activity is designed to provide everyone on the event a chance to get hands on and experience a fun filled and energetic exercise where only one team will become victorious!

The ultimate aim of this F1 themed activity is to build and design a life size Formula One car that a member of your team can sit in and control whilst the rest of the team act as the fuel and power it down the race track to victory.

Design, Brand And Build Your Car!

Each team is provided with enough raw materials to create their cars with and left to their own devices with just a few design tips and help from our friendly staff.

The teams are set a time limit which is a crucial element of the task and by using their teams skill base effectively they must create what is simply a giant flat pack F1 car!

In order for the teams to successfully complete this task they must also work together and communicate within their team after selecting the individual design roles from construction to design and branding.

Race Time!

Once the initial design and build section of the event is complete a finale Grand Prix is staged where all teams have the chance to race head to head and go for pole position.

As with reality in motor sport racing things do go wrong and teams will need to react to damage on their cars and bits falling off so it’s not an easy task from start to end!

With practice runs, pit stops and the final race teams must make sure they have made not just a solid construction but also a car that proudly shows their branding and corporate team messages.

This event can be provided indoors or outdoors and for teams of 20 guests upwards.

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