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Team Alpha

This outdoor team building event is a light hearted approach to team building and relies on teams working together and completing tasks successfully emphasising the need for team work, leadership and communication skills . Although this event is about individual team progress and performance we usually end the training session with a group activity where all guests can compete on a fun finale activity.

This event is designed to provide teams with a chance to experience their individual skill sets from a collection of team building activities based around team work, communication, leadership and competitive tasks.

Your teams must rotate around a number of physical and cerebral challenges whilst being watched and encouraged by our instructors who will constantly change the boundaries to keep your teams on their toes!

Activities Designed For All.

Teams will find themselves involved in a number of ‘get out of that’ challenges with rewards for their performance. These rewards will be required for the finale activity.

To complete this event all teams will join together at a fun finale event to end a great days team build.

The benefits to your team are all about learning how to overcome obstacles and become successful at new skills and talents within their team.

If you are looking for a focused but also fun variety of team building exercises and activities then this event is a great option for all ages and abilities. You can base the event over a full day or half day and include a summer BBQ or hot buffet in the meeting facilities on site at Middleton House Farm.

As with all our events we can also base this event and others at any location you wish throughout the UK.

Alternative Outdoor Team Activities

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