• The Big Paint

The Big Paint

The Big Paint is a unique indoor team building activity designed to encourage communication, networking, individual flair and over all good team work.

The task is described to the group which involves working within their individual teams to create a final art masterpiece of which will be displayed at the end of the event.

Each team will have 2 blank canvases to complete within a time frame. Using only primary coloured paints and a handful of equipment teams will have to network with other teams in order to match up their given design work.

Planing And Communication Is Key

Teams are not aware of the final group picture however they are shown where their canvases are in relation to the final art piece. Therefore with careful planning and communication teams will be able to work out who they need to work with in order to match their colours and sketch markings.

The final goal from this activity is to successfully create one combined piece of art that resembles the final masterpiece.

Working Towards A Shared Goal

This event is ideal for any indoor conference or office team building session and you can even keep your finished product to hang on your wall for all your team to remember and admire!

If you are looking for a team building exercise with a focus on working towards a common goal or looking to enforce a corporate message, then this activity will make a perfect choice!

All you need to do is provide us with the concept behind your event and we will design you a bespoke art piece. Maybe you want to include your companies key values or enforce a message across certain departments within the workplace.

We have covered all these event briefs within this activity many times before and have a very creative team waiting to listen to your needs. This is one team building activity that you will never forget and one that you can physically take away with you after the event!!

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